The Yonacraft Point Presser / Clapper is made of American hardwoods.  The top is maple, birch or ash and the base is made of ash.  These are the traditional materials for this product.

Be cautioned not to accept an inferior product made of oak.  Nothing holds heat as well as the traditional ash wood.  Plus, oak tends to get more splintery
over time and can snag.
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Point Presser / Clapper


length : 11"
               width : 3" (at base)
    height : 3-3/4"

                                           A point presser / clapper is a combination tool.
The point presser is indispensable for getting that professional press in hard-to-reach places such as sleeves, cuffs, collar points & stands, facings, lapels, hem corners, children’s yokes and much more.

The clapper is used to set permanent creases by boosting the power of heat and steam, focusing it directly where needed to flatten and permanently set fabric in bulky facings, pant creases, collars, construction seams, pleats, pockets, darts and hems.  Point pressers and clappers have been in use by professional seamstresses and tailors for over a hundred years to produce that custom look in fine clothing.

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